4 Simple Ways We can help the Environment

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Quick Ways to Help the Environment

We only have one planet (so far!), and it is important that we keep it safe and protected for our own benefit. We don’t have to do extreme things just to be able to help. There are simple things that can be done by every individual that can make a great difference. Check out these simple ways we can help the environment.

1. Switch to a Green Energy Provider

Green Energy is Renewable Energy. These providers primarily generate their energy by renewable and environmentally friendly means such as wind, tidal and solar power. Although this can sometimes mean your power bill will be a little higher, you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment both now and for years to come. These companies put much of their profit back into research in order to make green energy more efficient.

Many of the major suppliers in the UK, including the ‘Big Six’, offer a green energy tariff. Other up-and-coming providers such as Ovo Energy offer a completely green energy package which is great value for money.

As public interest grows in this type of energy, providers will increase their investment in renewable sources so make sure you switch if you can afford to do so. Contact your energy provider to get more information on specific deals.

2. Make use of Bicycles

Using bicycles can give us a lot of benefits more than what we can imagine. Our world is heating up because of all the greenhouse gases produced all over the world. We can reduce it if we will switch to cycling rather than using our cars that release more pollutants. Aside from that, our health can also benefit from it because we can get our daily exercise.

3. Eco-bags

We all know that there will always be a need for us to go grocery shopping for our needs. See to it that we will always bring an eco-bag whenever we are in a supermarket. If we will bring our bags, there is no need for us to use the paper bags from the shops. Tonnes of natural resources are being utilised for every paper bag given to us, and if we bring our own, we can reduce the demand for it.

4. Go for organic foods

If we opt to eat organic foods, we can help the environment and our health. We will be able to intake food with no preservatives and chemicals that can be harmful to our body. Plants and crops that are grown naturally will not have toxic contents that can also be detrimental to the environment.

With these three simple things, we can already be a great help in taking care of our surroundings. Let’s start with ourselves and convince other people to do the same.