World Community Arts Day

World Community Arts Day

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More about World Community Arts Day


The festival involved being creative on the day to raise an important issue you believe in and help create a World Festival Society for a day. Being creative about an issue that you believe promotes “caring and sharing”.

The festivals featured Love Letters, Knitting jumpers for trees, Exhibitions, concerts, DJ’s. Visitors were always welcome to add support by placing their art and events.

Song, dance, theatre, draw, paint, write, make, poem, photograph, lecture, walk, tour, talk, art class anyway that you feel you are creative!

It is being creative that is important.

The aim is to create a world festival society for a day.

To illustrate how festival and celebration through art can provide answers.

We discuss more about the community, art, wellbeing and our environment throughout our website here at Communiversity.

The Biggest Art Festival

2017 will see the 10th World Community Arts day.

It started off in 2007 to celebrate the life of Reg Bolton the Craigmillar Festival Network, but has now grown each year.

Hundreds of thousands of people join in and bring many projects from many countries. Many add artwork, music, photos, etc online into a range of social networks.

Look and enjoy the diverse range of creativity.

Have a look at last year, live broadcasts, radio broadcasts, concerts, art installations, everything and anything. Some celebrations lasted a few months, week-long celebrations in many Arts Centres and many were very quiet and quick on or before the day. The important thing is to be part of this global celebration.