Communiversity wants to get the attention of all our readers and announce that we are open for any contribution that you can share with the public. If you are someone who is concerned about the things happening around you, make a move and use Communiversity to share all the insight you have. Our magazine has millions of unique site viewers that are always waiting for the information we release to the public. You can be:

– An Environmentalist

– A Professor

– A Businessman

– A Government Personnel

– A Politician

– A Volunteer

– A Medical Professional

– An Event Organizer

– Or anyone who has concern for the community

All of you are welcome to share a piece of your advocacy at Communiversity. We would love to hear everything you have to say. You can share anything you want as long as it has something to do with what is happening around us.

If this gets your interest, the only thing you have to do is write a pitch about it. Once you are done, you can send it at [email protected] Please include your name and contact information so our editors can get back to you within 24-48 hours.

We hope to hear from you the soonest possible time.